A TRULY Earth Quaking Pre Workout? Seismic Surge by Hard Rock Supplements

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A quick internet search of the term “seismic” will throw up endless results linked to earthquakes and other magnanimous events, with the word literally translating to “of enormous proportions or effects”.
It is any wonder, then, that buyers of Hard Rock’s Seismic Surge supplements expect clear results and vast improvements in their gains almost instantly after adding the product to their pre-workout routine?
Pitted as one of the best pre workout supplements of 2020, Seismic Surge combines leading stimulant science and research to provide a fully dosed pump stimulant which allows your body to push beyond every existing boundary – making every workout the best ever, with the full support of a stimulant which is both effective and safe.

How does the body benefit from pre workout?

Pre workout tends to be split into two types: those containing stimulants, and those without stimulants. As Seismic Surge contains stimulants designed to enhance the effectiveness of every single training session, we are going to focus on pre workout which contains stimulants, as we explore the value of the supplement and how it supports your body.
In essence, a pre workout increases your performance during exercise and training(1) – resulting in enhanced endurance, increased workout strength, more energy, unprecedented gains.
The effectiveness of pre workout is primarily down to their ingredients, with most containing high levels of caffeine among other ingredients.

What are the key ingredients of Seismic Surge by Hard Rock Supplements?

As well as the expected levels of caffeine, Seismic Surge benefits from a range of other ingredients which are designed to provide focus and stimulate your results to optimum levels. One thing that the team at Hard Rock have taken the time to avoid is throwing in so many stimulants that the user ends up overcome with energy and little focus to channel it productively – as such, the ingredients engaged in Seismic Surge are scientifically backed and designed for the most hardcore users.
The caffeine in the supplement provides energy and helps break down fat, while the amino acids all band together to reduce muscle fatigue and provide the much needed boost of energy so the body can push past its blocks – both physical and mental.
Meanwhile, the appearance of AAKG on the ingredient list increases blood flow during your workouts and after they have finished, while the presence of Agmatine Sulfate not only enhances effectiveness and ‘pump’ during your workouts, but also elevates your mood and leaves you with that “endorphin high” that so many athletes and wellness experts rave about. 
Other ingredients include compounds designed to boost your metabolism, Yohimbine which is said to block the receptors located in fat cells to help you lose weight, and Theobromine which is found in chocolate and does everything from supporting positivity and mental well being, to acting as a mild stimulant in the body, and reducing blood pressure to provide a smooth training experience (2).

How to factor Seismic Surge into a workout or training routine

Designed as a powder, a typical dose of Seismic Surge is one scoop – approximately 12g. This should be enough to provide you with the boost in energy and focus to push through even the most challenging workouts, stimulating your physical and mental drivers with a complex combination of euphoric ingredients.
Seismic Surge is best taken prior to your toughest workouts, with even a single scoop providing enough of a boost to push your limits far beyond two of three scoops of a competing pre workout. 

Why Seismic Surge instead of other pre workouts?

When it comes to assessing the value, effectiveness and overall satisfaction with any great product, one of the best things to do is to read the user reviews (3) – written by those approaching Seismic Surge and any other product, and assessing its usability, side effects and results.
Ratings for Seismic Surge pick up on its usability and the fact that even a small dose is enough to have a positive impact on any workout – providing buyer value and avoiding the need to ingest large quantities of supplements which end up doing very little.
Other reviewers pick up on the unbelievable focus that Seismic Surge provides - not just supporting an improved physical performance but also giving you the mental focus to be able to push your body safely and effectively – and the increased endurance.

Where to buy Seismic Surge

The best place to purchase Seismic Surge is from the host and creator’s own website, Hard Rock Supplements.


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