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True Shred

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True Shred by Hard Rock Supplements

The first of its kind! A cutter, shredder and natural muscle builder! True shred has been named a Top 10 Cutting Supplement for 2019 by Men's Journal. 


True Shred Top Cutting Supplement 2019


True Shred was also featured in the Muscle & Fitness Hard Rock Challenge where the Magazine challenged its readers to use True Shred to get "Shredded to the Bone"! 

Muscle & Fitness Rock Hard Challenge Featuring True Shred


True Shreds unique and fully stacked formula contains 7 hard hitting ingredients to support your journey to a lean, hard and chiseled physique

True Shred works by increasing your protein synthesis and nitrogen retention while promoting increases in strength and muscle endurance. It also works to increase your metabolism and reduce cortisol, your stress hormone. True Shred also improves your recovery times, allowing you to get back in the gymt faster!

This Top Ranked supplement also boosts your T-Levels, improves your vascularity and reduces your water retention. True Shred effectively gives your body that shredded look!

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All the accolades ring true as True Shred's formula is second to none. See why people are loving their new found physiques, grab a bottle and get ripped. 

Get True Shred and Get Truly Shredded Now! 




Due to the test boosting and estro reducing ingredients, this product is not intended for women. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease..

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Customer Reviews

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Dan Tocci
True Shred

I am 66 years old and found this to be the best for cutting and defining my body as I grow older (Although most believe I am in my 40'S) I am about to try the alpha lean7 and see if it takes me to the next step.

Matthew Bengel

True Shred

Brian Palmer
Still testing the waters…but

Immediately within two days I lost 5lbs. Then maintaining. I just upped the dose today 3/28. I haven’t lost any muscle thus far. So far so good.

True Shred

2 weeks in. So far so good. No side effects, improved workouts, and improved energy (got rid of my afternoon slump)
Maybe a slight improvement in muscle definition.

James Kristie

Just started , enjoy the energy, and focus in the gym. Have lost 3lbs.