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Alpha Shred Stack

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Looking to take your Cutting Cycle to the Next Level? Do you want to be the most ripped in the gym? The Alpha Shred Stack is the combo you need! The Alpha Shred Stack combines two extremely effective supplements together to bring the in cutting!

1. Alpha Lean-7 

Alpha Lean has been Ranked #1 Fat Burner by Muscle & Fitness multiple times in a row. This part of the stack will assist you in dropping the unwanted weight and increasing your energy. It also will help to reduce your appetite and increase your metabolism. 

Alpha Lean

2. True Shred

True Shred was ranked a Top Cutting Supplement by Men's Journal in 2019. True Shred contains 7 hard hitting ingredients aimed at getting you shredded to the bone! True Shred's formula assists in increasing your protein synthesis, metabolism, muscle endurance and T-Levels. This part of the stack will take your cutting cycle to levels reached by very few. 

True Shred Top Cutting Supplement 

This superior combination will have people stop in their tracks to ask you what you are on! Get the Alpha Shred Stack and Get Ripped Now!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Aaron Hall
The best

Down 40lbs since I started the stack in Nov.

Kevin Cattlin
Both great supps

I have used both of these supps and they are solid. I got a ton of energy and sweat from alphs lean and was able to get more cut, lean muscle and definition from true shred.